We help brands monetise extra or unused capacities & inventories by
trading them for media & advertising solutions, thereby increasing brand exposure & improving bottom lines.

Save Cash

Liquidate Extra Inventory

Barter Concept

Simply put corporate barter involves exchanging goods or services that a company may have with media, services or products that they may require in exchange. Companies use our services to buy various services & goods that their business may require (primarily media) by simply paying in kind through their own goods & services.

As a widely accepted and trusted business practice, Corporate Barter Businesses has been expanding in recent years into a variety of new applications



Fund media campaigns on Barter or new initiatives by paying without cash

We are a specialized media agency with rich experience in media buying & executions across all media categories - Print, OOH, Digital etc. We have deep relations with media companies which involve either upfront cash payments for media campaigns or binding barter contracts enabling swift execution of our clients media campaigns.

Sell excess inventories at "better than market pricing"

Through the normal course of business, companies occasionally find themselves with some amount of excess or undervalued assets. We buy it all, send you an instant purchase order and take physical and legal ownership of all stocks, thereby enabling you to record sales and focus on your core business.

Inventories could involve :

  • Vouchers enabling you fill up capacities
  • Slow moving goods
  • Prior season
  • Short dated (near to expiry)

We may buy inventories for upfront cash payment- part cash part media (barter) payments or 100% media payments in lieu.



Tap into new markets, customers & increase sales!

We have a captive base of over 500 leading brands across categories who would only buy through us due to the solid advantages our trade network brings on board. So when clients work with us they are assured sales, new customers who may not have otherwise tried or bought their product or services.


A New Buzz in the cashless economy - BARTER